Wings Over Water 2017

The annual Wings Over Water show of March 10-12 (referred to as WOW) proved again to be a sweet success. I’ve shown my work here for the last three years, and I’m please to say that sales have been successful each year. I’m committed to displaying only new and previously unseen work each year. Here are the eight featured photos in this year’s show. It is after all a birding show.

Yellowstone March 6-8

Yellowstone was a disappointment. The snow accumulation seemed to be less than normal for this time of year. As a result, much of the wildlife was able to forage high up on the mountain slopes, thus severely limiting the photo opportunities. The pronghorns, thankfully were a little more accommodating. These two shots are what I call “Animalscapes”, a term borrowed from Brad Hill, an excellent Canadian wildlife photographer. This type of photo strives to show the pronghorn in its natural habitat. Overall I hope for better luck next time.