A New Point of View – March 2023

Separating the subject from the background is often one of this wildlife photographer’s primary goals.  Perhaps nothing is more effective in creating this result than an extremely low point of view.  With a long lens virtually parallel to and only inches above the surface of the water, only the subject is in focus.  The water, any reflection, and any background are all rendered as a soft, smooth mix of tone and color.  Sometimes the duck’s disturbance of the water’s surface will add a reflection of blue sky…I’m loving it. 

Costa Rica — December, 2022

A country of spectacular color and photo opportunities.  Also a land of heat, humidity, and jungle slogging through six inch deep mud with 35 lbs. on my back.  Add to that, the auto focus going out on my long lens after only two days, and you’ll understand the test of one’s character this trip became.  Despite the trials and tribulations, I did bring home some nice images.  And yes…the lens is home too and working again.  Enjoy!

June Loons 2021

After eighteen months, a new opportunity to photograph common loons brought me to some beautiful pristine lakes in North Eastern Washington. Photographing with long lenses from a kayak was a completely new challenge for me. May these images convey some of the mood and magic I experienced with the June Loons, and one spotted sandpiper.