I photograph the world’s wildlife because I love and admire them. Although their physical attributes far surpass our own, their future is anything but secure.

We now more than ever before have the burden to insure that the earth’s wildlife indeed does have a future. Through overpopulation, global warming, worldwide pollution, and habitat destruction, we are making their chances for survival more tenuous every day.

With my photos, I strive to create a new intimacy between viewer and subject. My hope is that this intimacy fosters a heightened compassion for and appreciation of their sheer beauty, their stunning intensity, and their primary agenda; that of survival.

With no voice of their own, the responsibility to speak for them and to insure their future falls squarely on our shoulders.

We must learn to coexist and support the other inhabitants of this planet; all of whom were here long before we were. Failure to do so will not only hasten their extinction, but will surely diminish the life experience of our own future generations.

Mike Caroff Wildlife Photography